Conference program

The Role of National Language Institutions in the Digital Age

Wednesday 6th October

14.00 – 16.00 Arrival of delegation members – registration – coffee/tea and light lunch
16.00 – 17.30 General Assembly for EFNIL members (Part 1) – Conference room Ragusa, Hotel Croatia, Cavtat

Social Program

18.00 – 19.00 Organized Cavtat sightseeing
19.30 Welcome reception – Hotel Croatia, Cavtat

Thursday 7th October

Conference room Ragusa, Hotel Croatia, Cavtat

09.0009.30 Registration
09.30 – 10.40 Opening session
09.30 – 10.10 Welcome Addresses

Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Minister of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia
Radovan Fuchs, Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia
Filip Majcen, Director, DG Interpretation
Željko Jozić, Director for the Institute for the Croatian Language and Linguistics, Local organizer
Johan Van Hoorde, President of EFNIL: introduction to the conference

10.10 – 10.40 Philippe Gelin: DG CONNECT, European Commission: A Language Data Space for Europe: from vision to implementation

10.40 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00 – 12.50 Thematic session 1: Language Resources and Technologies

11.00 – 11.35 Marko Tadić: Current pan-european language technologies initiatives: an opportunity for low-resourced languages

11.35 – 11.50 Frieda Steurs: The Dutch language: research and policy in the digital age
11.50 – 12.05 Rickard Domeij: National infrastructure for the languages of Sweden – past, present and future
12.05 – 12.20 Anželika Gaidienė: Lithuanian Language Technology Landscape: from documents till language technologies
12:20 – 12:35 Kozma Ahačič: Toward a comprehensive service for Slovenian language users: the Fran and Franček web portals and language-counselling service

12.35 – 12.50 General discussion
Moderation: Tamás Váradi, Ludwig Eichinger

12.50 – 13.45 Lunch break

13.45 – 15.30 Thematic session 2: The Political Role of National Language Institutions

13.45 – 14.20 Trond Trosterud: Normative language work in the age of machine learning 

14.20 – 14.35 Neasa Ní Chiaráin: Digital plan for Irish
14.35 – 14.50 Isabella Tamba: The role of the Institutes of the Romanian Academy in the digitisation process of the linguistic research
14.50 – 15.05 Marek Łaziński: Polish language resources and their role in the description of the language change and establishing the new norm

15.05 – 15.30 General discussion
Moderation: Júlia Choleva, Ase Wetas

15.30 – 15.55 Coffee break

15.55 – 17.30 Thematic session 3: Language Research and Language Planning in Relation to Research and Industrial Development

15.55 – 16.40 Hans Uszkoreit, Feiyu Xu: Demand for NLP Applications in the Enterprise World with special attention to linguistic diversity and to latest developments such as the impact of very large language models

16.40 – 16.55 Andreas Witt: The future is now. The digital transformation in the German linguistics community and the key role of the Leibniz Institute for the German Language
16.55 – 17.10 Moritz Sommet: The digital language research landscape in multilingual Switzerland

17.10 – 17.30 General discussion
Moderation: Sabine Kirchmeier, Johan Van Hoorde

Social Program

18.00 – 19.00 Cavtat – Dubrovnik boat ride
19.00 – 20.00 Dubrovnik sightseeing
20.0020.40 Visit to a 16th-century Sponza Palace:
· Address by Jelka Tepšić, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik
· Address by Johan Van Hoorde, President of EFNIL
· Classical music concert: Dubrovnik String Quartet

20.45 Conference dinner at Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant in Dubrovnik

Friday 8th October

09.00 – 10.45 European Language Equality

09.00 – 09.30 Per Langgård: How to struggle for a digital future – the case of Greenlandic
09.30 – 10.00 Andy Way: The European Language Equality Project

10.00 – 10.45 Panel discussion
Marko Tadić, Philippe Gelin, Hans Uszkoreit, Rickard Domeij, Feiyu Xu, Sabine Kirchmeier, Frieda Steurs
Moderation: Kristina Despot, Željko Jozić

Announcement of Forum “Innovation, Technologies and Plurilingualism”, organised by the French presidency of the EU, Ms. C.-L. Chambron, DGLFLF

10.55 – 11.20 Coffee break

11.20 – 13.00 Master Thesis Award winners
11.20 – 11.30 Sabine Kirchmeier: Introduction of the MTA
11.30 – 11.55 Agnes Kim: Language and Society in Change. A historical-sociolinguistic investigation using the example of the Marchfeld (lower Austria) in the early 20th century
11.55 – 12.20 Pia Nilsson: Language in the Museum. An investigation of the views held by the public and by language experts on a Swedish language museum
12.20 – 12.45 Anne-Mieke Thieme: Multilingual The Hague: Municipal language policy, politics, and practice
12.45 – 12.55 Sabine Kirchmeier: Delivering the certificates
Moderation: Sabine Kirchmeier, Ase Wetas

12.55 – 13.40 General Assembly for EFNIL members (Part 2 Election of a new Executive Committee) followed by coffee/tea and lunch. 

(For delegates that have to leave before the end there will be a packed lunch available.)